Track your spending with BillHub

Setup your home at the click of a button, or tap of a screen!

The BillHub price comparison engine, in partnership with other comparison websites, helps you find and setup the very best deal with the minimum of hassle.

  • Setup and pay for Energy, Broadband, Water, TV License, TV Packages, Council Tax and many other service, all in one place.
  • If you are already setup, use BillHub to pay your existing providers by simply snapping a picture of the bill.

Split the cost and pay direct

Whether you're sharing the bills or just paying them yourself, easily split the cost between housemates, pay direct to the provider for any household bill.

  • Enable auto-pay, or pay when you want. Setup auto-pay and never worry about logging in again!
  • And, if you want to settle an IOU, you can even send and request money between housemates.
Track your spending with BillHub
Track your spending with BillHub

Keep track of spending, without all the paperwork

Providers setup through BillHub send the bills direct to your account, so no more lost letters or paper filing.

  • Reminders when to pay, or if your housemates haven't. Stay on top of housemates without harassing them.
  • Bills sent from your provider, including bills uploaded by you with a picture, are all stored on BillHub and organised in a timeline, so you can stay in control of your spending.

Household admin just got easy

Welcome to the simple, more secure way to spend and manage your money between housemates.

Add your info
Add providers
Pay the bills

Exceptional Customer Support

As a bootstrapped small business, we built our base on providing amazing, individual support to each of our users. Though we have now grown into a national platform we remain committed to delivering that same level of personalised support to all our users.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does BillHub cost?

BillHub costs nothing, zero, nada, zilch, free! BillHub doesn't charge any transaction fees, monthly fees, setup fees, exit fees, hidden costs or nasty surprises. BillHub is your free personal payments platform helping you to send, spend and manage your money between housemates.

Is my private information safe?

BillHub takes privacy and security very seriously. We use the most stringent certification available for payments, all sensitive information is encrypted using Military grade RSA encryption and 256-bit SSL encryption technology.

How do I know the amount I pay through BillHub is actually what my provider is charging me?

Each new bill added by your provider comes with a downloadable attachment containing the same bill that would have arrived in the post if you were still doing bills the old fashioned way, except it's a digital copy and better for the planet!

This could change my life, or at least give me more time to do other things, why haven't I heard about you before?

BillHub is built on the latest e-money payments technology, designed and developed in-house over three years by a team of experienced finance professionals and developers. First beta release for London users in 2014, the UK in 2015 and the rest of the world in...

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